Starting a Summer Tradition


It’s true a lot of people plan clambakes for big events like weddings. But we’ve noticed that very often by the time the revelers tuck into their lobsters they’re already planning next year’s bake.

We love it when our customers realize that a clambake doesn’t have to be an epic party. It has to be delicious. It has to be fun. But it can be easy-going enough to become an annual tradition, too.

And it seems like there’s something about the steaming pots (or the fire at a pit-style bake) and, no doubt, the lobsters, that makes a clambake feel like a ritual worth repeating.

Our point being, you don’t have to get married to start a great summer tradition. All you need is at least 20 people––neighbors, golf buddies, sport-fishing friends, family members here for a visit––who love good food and good fun. And don’t forget, we’ll do everything else.

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