A Pit-Style Clambake, No Beach Required

Did you know you don’t need a beach to throw an old-school pit-style clambake?

Still, there are a few things to think about if a pit-style bake is what you want. For one thing, there’s the pit. Not everyone is ready to see that happen smack in the middle of their back yard.

We don’t always have to dig one. In some cases a flat area will do. But if your yard calls for it, assuming 50 people (that’s the minimum we require for booking a pit-style bake), expect the pit to be about eight feet by eight feet and approximately 2 feet deep. As part of our clean-up, we’ll fill the hole with the same dirt we dug out, nice and neat––but your grass will be patchy for a while.

Next, take a good look around the spot you’re envisioning for the pit. We’ll be building a fairly large fire there, so look down: we won’t be on top of your irrigation system will we? And look up: make sure there are no branches hanging over the space. For safety reasons, we’ll also need access to running water.

Beach or lawn, let us know if you think you’ve got what it takes to throw a pit-style clambake and we’ll send our handy questionnaire your way before we bring out our shovels.

Here’s our pit-style clambake menu and pricing »

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