Four Local Summer Favorites


We enjoyed the Memorial Day celebrations and hope you did too. Now it’s officially summer!

Well, OK, the calendar says we still have a few more weeks to go. But we say it’s time to start savoring all the delicious local products that go so well with a summertime state of mind.

Our Wicked Good Crab Dip is one of them. It’s available now in our stores as well as in a number of markets all around the Cape and South Shore.

There’s nothing better than a cold Cape Cod Beer with that rich crabmeat flavor. It’s also great with grilled seafood. Try the Cape Cod Red––it’s one of our staff’s favorite summer after-work treats.

We’re all for Cape Cod Beer’s refillable growler idea. It’s green, and great for sharing. But sometimes you want to just pop open one beer. Well, this summer, they’re offering their beer in cans, too. You’ll find Cape Cod Beer in pretty much any local liquor store, or you can head down to their brewery off Phinney’s lane in Hyannis.
Another of our summer favorites is Bush Gardens corn. Corn is the perfect side dish for clambakes, of course. And Bush Gardens does a great job keeping fresh corn in good supply all summer long. They’re just down the street from our Osterville location on Osterville West Barnstable Road.

Then there’s fresh local seafood, on the grill. We have nothing against hamburgers and hot dogs, but if you ask us, nothing goes on the grill better than fresh seafood.
You can put almost any fish on the grill, but some work better than others. We’re beginning to see local bluefish now. It’s one of the more plentiful fish in our waters––it begins to run by our coast in the early spring and stays for most of the summer. And it’s one of the best for grilling.

Bluefish is naturally rich in those good omega-3 fatty acids. Some people worry that with bluefish those benefits come with a strong “fishy” taste. But you’ll find that our fresh local blues cook up with a clean, meaty flavor. A citrus marinade also helps keep that flavor bright. Try mixing the juice of one fresh lime with about a cup of orange juice and a little bit of olive oil. Marinate the fish in the juices for about 30 minutes before grilling.

Soon local striped bass will be available. And in the meantime, we’ve got nice swordfish steaks and salmon fillets at our markets. A hot grill and our citrus marinade is really all you need to make any of these fish summer favorites at your house.

Light up your grill and enjoy all that the Cape has to offer. We know we will!

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