The Striped Bass are Here!


Like most good New Englanders, we love striped bass. It’s one of our all-time favorites. Nothing says summer quite like a striper fillet on the grill.

If you’re into fishing, you’ve probably already caught a few stripers by now. They start running in our area in mid-May. Those of you who aren’t fishermen will be happy to know we’ve now got fresh local striped bass at our markets in Osterville and Barnstable Harbor

Commercial fishing for striped bass began in Massachusetts on June 23 this year. That’s more than two weeks earlier than last season. From here on through the summer, we’ll do our best to keep plenty of stripers in stock.

We’re hoping that this year may be a better season than last, as striped bass numbers appears to be growing again. Unlike cod or haddock, which are managed at the federal level, striped bass is strictly regulated by the state. This year, commercial striper fishing will be allowed just two days a week––down from the four days allowed last season, but the quota has gone up. Overall, commercial fisherman will be allowed to harvest more fish this year.

One of the best ways to cook striped bass is also the simplest: give it a little salt and pepper and put it on a hot grill. You might give it a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. But this fish has such a nice flavor, it doesn’t really need anything else. Though of course if you’d like to flavor it up a little more, we’ll be happy to help you find just the right seasonings to add.

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