Why Fall Bakes are Best


A Cape Cod secret we just can’t keep: fall clambakes are some of the very best.
Here’s the thing: we have the hustle and bustle of summer and the rush of September weddings behind us, yet the weather is still good—but crisp: it’s time to think about tossing on an extra layer and digging into a perfect bowl of clam chowder.

Which reminds us, there are a few other things that make this time of year true clambake season. Lobsters are at their meatiest right now because cooler water temperatures mean they fill out their shells as they finish growing for the season. Oysters are at their prime, too, since the cooler water helps them get meatier and sweeter.

Maybe the most important reason to throw a clambake right now is not about the meaty lobsters or the plump clams and perfect oysters. It’s about grabbing onto the biggest thrill of summer one more time, the chance to be with friends and family at the most easy-going kind of party ever.

That’s really why after a busy summer we still want to bake clams, boil lobsters, and shuck oysters for you. There’s nothing like the joy a fall clambake, when everyone gathers together to fill these beautiful days and evenings with great memories.

So come on, plan a clambake now—we guarantee you’ll be glad to have something so delicious to reflect back on this winter. Especially if it’s anything like the last one when even those of us on Cape Cod were buried under eight feet of snow.

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