Happy, Healthy Holiday Parties


Most holiday menus are all about tradition. And you know we can bring on the best of the classics—from oysters Rockefeller to scallops wrapped in bacon.

But we’ve got a great idea for those of you looking for something healthy to add to the table at your next holiday party: a sushi bar.

The fish, of course, is delicious and healthy. And oh, what a thoughtful host you are, because it turns out that when you offer sushi, you’re offering all kinds of goodness. For instance:

  • There is no gluten in sushi, so it gives you a way to feed the gluten-free crowd. Just be sure to get tamari or another soy sauce labeled wheat-free.

  • Ginger, which is served along with our sushi selections, is actually good for your immune system. Just in time for flu season.

  • Rice vinegar lowers your blood pressure and helps your digestive system.

  • And don’t forget the seaweed salad! It’s packed with a million vitamins.

The botton line is this: whether you’re hosting guests who want to eat healthy or catering to a non-sushi crowd, you can count on us to help you put on a great—and memorably delicious—holiday party.

Give us a call and we’ll help design your cocktail party menu to make it perfect for you and your guests.

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