It’s not just farm-to-table anymore. We’re all about sea-to-table. Meaning our mission is to bring you the freshest seafood possible.

We think getting to sea-to-table quality starts with having managers who know their seafood. Ours do. And they put their know-how to work pursuing two main strategies to ensure everything we sell—whether in our markets and kitchens or at Clambakes, Etc. catering—is the truly top quality.

First, they focus on featuring seafood that reflects the Cape’s own local seasons and sources.

We purchase our oysters from local shellfishermen right in Barnstable Harbor. Our lobsters come from Cape Cod Bay when they’re in season here. We buy all the local bay scallops, striped bass, blue fish and halibut we can find. And when we do get fish from farther away, we always opt for fresh over frozen, investing in the careful handling that gets it here in peak condition.

(We do buy some frozen fish, for example, in the case of sushi grade tuna and wild salmon in the winter months—but that’s another story.)

Second, we deal with only the best and most trusted dealers, and even so, we don’t just trust their fish will be good: we inspect every piece of fish we get for color, smell, and texture. Our managers know that’s the only way you can be sure it’s the best.

Pursuing sea-to-table priorities isn’t easy or cheap. But we hope you’ll agree that our focus on offering nothing but the best is worth it. The way we see it, if we wouldn’t buy it for our family, we sure as heck shouldn’t sell it to you!

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