Lobster with a Side of Tradition


Are you looking to start an unforgettable summer tradition? If you ask us, a pit-style clambake is the way to go. From the roaring bonfire to the feast that follows, it’s an amazing ritual to be savored.

Here at Clambakes, Etc., we’re pretty darn good at the traditional bake, if we do say so ourselves. After all, we are on Cape Cod, where this kind of clambake goes way back. The methods we use today were perfected by Native Americans on our shores.

The technology involved will take you back to another time. You know, like before we had stoves and propane burners to make life way too easy. We start by digging a pit. Then we build a fire. Fresh seaweed tempers the heat and creates a flavorful steam.

Think of it this way: guests at pit-style bakes get more than a great dinner (or lunch), they get front row seats to a spectacular show, and a taste of history, too.

Our pit-style clambakes are beautiful whether we set up at the beach or in your backyard. But there are a few things to keep in mind when planning a pit-style clambake:

Want it on the beach? Don’t forget to check a current tide chart. These feasts take a few hours from fire to plate—you don’t want the bounty washed away by the tide.

Prefer to host a backyard bake? That’s cool, too. Just as long as you’re A-OK with an eight-foot-by-eight-foot pit on your property. Don’t forget about your irrigation system or anything else you don’t want us to dig up in the process. And keep in mind we’ll build a good-size fire, so when picking the perfect spot, make sure to look up to be sure there are no low hanging branches or power lines in the way.

If a pit-style clambake sounds like just your kind of adventure, give us a call. We’ll help you make this summer’s bake the beginning of a real tradition.

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