We Believe in Barnstable Oysters

We Believe in Barnstable Oysters

If you ask us, oysters are pretty much the perfect food. Succulent and strength-building, a good oyster tastes of sunshine and clean salt spray. All this makes oysters perfect for parties. I mean, what could be a better gift to your guests than a single bite that brings to mind the joys of a day at the beach?

That’s why when it comes to one of our most Frequently Asked Questions: “Should we add a raw bar to the cocktail hour before our wedding dinner?” the answer is simple: Yes.

What’s not as simple is the question of which oysters to offer. The truth is, as long as you’re talking a Crassostrea virginica from pristine New England shores, you’re in for a good oyster. But while Wellfleets and Duxburys get lots of attention—and we can get them for you if you’d like—we are partial to Barnstable Harbor bivalves.

We’ve been shucking, grilling and serving up Barnstable Harbor oysters for years. They tend to turn out plump and firm, for one thing. And our cool waters and broad flats seem to give them just the right balance between sweetness and an almost nutty flavor.

We do know and love the bay these oysters grow up in. Maybe that’s why we like them so much. Whatever the reason, we’re convinced they have a leg up on all the others.

Come in and give them a try. Close your eyes and think of summer. Then let us know what you think.

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