Not too late for a September wedding!

Not too late for a September wedding!

Well, honestly speaking all the months are perfect for a Cape Cod wedding. But there is something about September weddings that are especially awesome. The cool crisp air of fall, meets the splashing waves of the remaining summer days.

Recently engaged and looking to jump right into the rest of your life? We can still fit you in for September (or October), a great time of year to get married!

You just can’t beat a traditional clambake in September. It’s one the busiest months on Cape Cod, believe it or not. The water temperatures are still warm enough for your wedding party to enjoy the beach the days leading up to your big day and cool enough for amazing oysters and lobsters!

We’re firm believers that you can eat an oyster or lobster anytime of year, but olde timers will tell you the fall and winter are the only months good for that! An old Cape Cod wise-tale tells us only to slurp back oysters in months that have the letter ‘R’. Again, an oyster is good to us anytime of year, but a fall oyster is plumper and meatier and just as delicious as a summer oyster!

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