Where We Bake

Where We Bake

Sure, our homeport is on Cape Cod. But we’ll go just about anywhere for a great party. Especially when it’s one of our clambakes.

We have baked our way across New England, from Provincetown to Newport and from the coast of Cape Ann to the backyards of Boston. And not to brag, but folks seem to like us up there on Boston’s North Shore just as much as they do down in Rhode Island.

The point is, we’re all about a great New England tradition. Our own special version of it, that is—luscious lobsters, clams, chowder, and plenty of Etc. Especially our absolutely awesome service. We love taking our show on the road.

People of Martha’s Vineyard, citizens of the South Shore, and Red Sox fans everywhere, take heart: we will cross that bridge, set sail for the islands, bop up to the big city for you.

  • FAQs

    Can I have a clambake without a beach? How many guests can I invite? What if somebody doesn’t like lobster? Who takes out the trash?

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  • Party Venue Ideas

    We can make your bake almost anywhere. Here are a few favorite spots.

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  • Pot Style

    Our backyard-perfect, go anywhere, portable, affordable clambake party.

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  • Pit Style

    Firepit and fire, rocks and seaweed. On the beach or not, can you dig it?

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