Crazy, Delicious Wedding Food

When it comes to wedding food, rarely is there an idea that is too far-fetched.

We love thinking outside the box, and this winter we made some arrangements to help us go even further outside the box. We added ingredients and tools to our repertoire! We now own portable fryolators which will allow us to do fun apps like mini crab cakes.

We hired a consultant to help us rack our brains and mix some fun ingredients together. With his help we added a plethora of new adventures to our menus! From flatbreads to s’more stations we’ve got everything you need to have the best wedding any of your guests have been too.

And the best part is, we’ll work with you to make it exactly what you want. We’ve been doing this wedding and clambake thing for some time now, but the great part about weddings is they are always changing. There will always be something to add to our bag of tricks.

And that’s where you come in! Like we said, there is rarely an idea too far-fetched for your wedding reception.

So bounce some ideas off us. We’ll work with it the best we can.

Earlier this winter a bride asked for bacon wrapped swordfish. We thought she wanted scallops, but no, she was after sword! We thought it was kind of a crazy idea, but we tried it. And you know what? It was delicious. Because, duh anything wrapped in bacon is delicious.

We play with food for a living, and we want to keep it that way, so keep your eyes out for some wacky appetizer ideas heading to your wedding soon!

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More than Baking Clams

It’s obvious we do clambakes. Pretty-darn good ones too, if you ask us and our customers, too.

But what about everything else we do. After all, we are Clambakes, Etc. So, what is up with that Etc?

Well, it obviously starts with our appetizers. Seafood or non-seafood, we’ve got before dinner taken care of. From our awesome raw bars to tuna tartare, to chicken skewers or watermelon, mint and feta. We use nothing but the freshest ingredients and are always trying new things to keep our customers and brides smiling!

Need a bar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We aren’t licensed to bring the booze, but if you get it there, our TIPS certified bartenders will serve you! We can do everything from just beer and wine to a full bar with whatever mixed drinks and cocktails you’d like.

We’ll handle everything for you, too. From tents, to tables and chairs. We even know some great florists! After 20 years of catering, we’ve made some friends and always think they are worth checking out!

But, it’s not just about clambakes for us. We do chicken BBQs, company functions and even cocktail parties for your holiday events! We’ll smoke you ribs or grill you up sausage peppers and onions if that’s your desire.

So remember, it’s not just about baking clams for Clambakes, Etc.

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Not too late for a September wedding!

Not too late for a September wedding!

Well, honestly speaking all the months are perfect for a Cape Cod wedding. But there is something about September weddings that are especially awesome. The cool crisp air of fall, meets the splashing waves of the remaining summer days.

Recently engaged and looking to jump right into the rest of your life? We can still fit you in for September (or October), a great time of year to get married!

You just can’t beat a traditional clambake in September. It’s one the busiest months on Cape Cod, believe it or not. The water temperatures are still warm enough for your wedding party to enjoy the beach the days leading up to your big day and cool enough for amazing oysters and lobsters!

We’re firm believers that you can eat an oyster or lobster anytime of year, but olde timers will tell you the fall and winter are the only months good for that! An old Cape Cod wise-tale tells us only to slurp back oysters in months that have the letter ‘R’. Again, an oyster is good to us anytime of year, but a fall oyster is plumper and meatier and just as delicious as a summer oyster!

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We Believe in Barnstable Oysters

We Believe in Barnstable Oysters

If you ask us, oysters are pretty much the perfect food. Succulent and strength-building, a good oyster tastes of sunshine and clean salt spray. All this makes oysters perfect for parties. I mean, what could be a better gift to your guests than a single bite that brings to mind the joys of a day at the beach?

That’s why when it comes to one of our most Frequently Asked Questions: “Should we add a raw bar to the cocktail hour before our wedding dinner?” the answer is simple: Yes.

What’s not as simple is the question of which oysters to offer. The truth is, as long as you’re talking a Crassostrea virginica from pristine New England shores, you’re in for a good oyster. But while Wellfleets and Duxburys get lots of attention—and we can get them for you if you’d like—we are partial to Barnstable Harbor bivalves.

We’ve been shucking, grilling and serving up Barnstable Harbor oysters for years. They tend to turn out plump and firm, for one thing. And our cool waters and broad flats seem to give them just the right balance between sweetness and an almost nutty flavor.

We do know and love the bay these oysters grow up in. Maybe that’s why we like them so much. Whatever the reason, we’re convinced they have a leg up on all the others.

Come in and give them a try. Close your eyes and think of summer. Then let us know what you think.

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We’ve got you covered

We’ve spent a lot of years setting up parties—from the tents and tables to the chowder and lobsters. That’s why last year we decided to make it official: our newest company, Anchor Tent & Table, provides everything you need for the perfect party.

You’re probably thinking ahead now to the special occasions of the summer ahead—weddings, graduation parties, birthdays and anniversaries, rehearsal dinners. You know us, we love a party. We hope you’ll count on us to set the stage for yours.

First, we’ll put you in touch with our rentals manager, Nick. He and his staff work to keep all of the gear in shape for events. At Anchor, we’re big on tents. That’s because while we’ve perfected just about everything about making a catered party great, we still haven’t figured out how to control the weather. We’ve seen how whether it’s rainy or blazing hot, tents can save the day.

Take a look at our new Anchor Tent & Table website — you’ll see we’ve got two styles of tents—frame and pole. Which means we can cover your event pretty much no matter the setting.

Tents aren’t all we do. We’ve got you covered for all your party needs: lights, dance floors, tables, chairs, linens and tabletop, too. Whether you’re planning a big wedding or a back yard get together, we’ve got everything you need to anchor your event.

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January is for Planning

I know this sounds strange, but Cape Cod is deep into wedding season right now.

No, we’re not actually serving up lots of local lobsters and native oysters on the half shell under backyard tents this month. But we are well on the way to planning lots of spring and summer weddings.

If this holiday season was an especially happy one for you and find yourself engaged, we hope you’ll give us a call. It’s not too late, but you’re considering a catered clambake, it is time to get your wedding on our calendar.

We’ve been helping brides and grooms plan their perfect Big Days for many years, and, not to brag, but we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We know there’s a lot to do, but we’ll get you through it. And we think you’ll be surprised how easily things come together.

We can offer advice even before we get to our favorite part—what to eat. For instance: have you found your venue? One of your most important first steps is to decide where your party will be.

With snow on the ground right now, this task offers a nice escape from the winter cold. Pour yourself a hot cocoa and go to our list of top wedding venues—beautiful inns, beaches, and other seaside spots on the Cape.

Have a look at the wedding pages of our website, too. They will help you think through other steps in the process, from rentals to menu planning. As you browse, be sure to jot down questions for us. Then give us a call we’ll get going.

And congratulations!

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Hey summer, where did you go?

Cocktail party

It was a quick and amazing summer. The clambaking was great, that’s for sure.
And yes, it’s in our name, but we aren’t just a clambake company. Now that summer has past us by and the craziness of the September wedding season has wrapped up, it’s time to start thinking about your winter gatherings. The holidays are right around the corner and you love to entertain. But all the hassle and time it takes to prepare is just crazy. So let us do it for you.

Our cocktail parties are second-to-none and we’ll work with you one-on-one to design your own menu.
Tell us your party favorites and we’ll figure it out from there. We’ll do it up right. From our scallops in bacon to our mini crab cakes or anything else you can dream up. If seafood isn’t your thing we offer more like prosciutto wrapped melon skewers or caramelized onion gruyere tarts.

Whether it’s a holiday gathering, company party, gala, game-day bash or maybe a winter wedding we will take care of you.

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Lobster with a Side of Tradition


Are you looking to start an unforgettable summer tradition? If you ask us, a pit-style clambake is the way to go. From the roaring bonfire to the feast that follows, it’s an amazing ritual to be savored.

Here at Clambakes, Etc., we’re pretty darn good at the traditional bake, if we do say so ourselves. After all, we are on Cape Cod, where this kind of clambake goes way back. The methods we use today were perfected by Native Americans on our shores.

The technology involved will take you back to another time. You know, like before we had stoves and propane burners to make life way too easy. We start by digging a pit. Then we build a fire. Fresh seaweed tempers the heat and creates a flavorful steam.

Think of it this way: guests at pit-style bakes get more than a great dinner (or lunch), they get front row seats to a spectacular show, and a taste of history, too.

Our pit-style clambakes are beautiful whether we set up at the beach or in your backyard. But there are a few things to keep in mind when planning a pit-style clambake:

Want it on the beach? Don’t forget to check a current tide chart. These feasts take a few hours from fire to plate—you don’t want the bounty washed away by the tide.

Prefer to host a backyard bake? That’s cool, too. Just as long as you’re A-OK with an eight-foot-by-eight-foot pit on your property. Don’t forget about your irrigation system or anything else you don’t want us to dig up in the process. And keep in mind we’ll build a good-size fire, so when picking the perfect spot, make sure to look up to be sure there are no low hanging branches or power lines in the way.

If a pit-style clambake sounds like just your kind of adventure, give us a call. We’ll help you make this summer’s bake the beginning of a real tradition.

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We ❤ Our Summer Staff


Summer is a magical time on Cape Cod. But as anyone who spends the long winter months here will tell you, the season sure goes by fast.

That’s why as summer visitors arrive slowing down to savor beach days and clambakes, Cape Codders rev up, ready to work overtime. For most of us, summer jobs are the key to survival on this little peninsula.

At this time of year, we are especially grateful for our hard-working staff, both part-timers and full-timers who give up the joys of boogie boards and barbecues to make our clambakes sing and our markets jump. Many of our staff work Monday through Friday at other jobs, then toss on the blue polo and work all weekend baking clams with us.

The thing we appreciate most is this: our employees truly love making our customers happy. Whether it’s at a clambake, in the market, or at Osterville Fish Too, our staff has your experience in mind, and they’re dedicated to making it sure it’s great.

We know our employees aren’t the only ones who put their lives on hold to make summer special for others each season. It’s just that we think they’re truly the best at what they do. We hope you’ll agree. And if you do, maybe flash them a smile of thanks—because that’s just what their summer is all about.

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It’s not just farm-to-table anymore. We’re all about sea-to-table. Meaning our mission is to bring you the freshest seafood possible.

We think getting to sea-to-table quality starts with having managers who know their seafood. Ours do. And they put their know-how to work pursuing two main strategies to ensure everything we sell—whether in our markets and kitchens or at Clambakes, Etc. catering—is the truly top quality.

First, they focus on featuring seafood that reflects the Cape’s own local seasons and sources.

We purchase our oysters from local shellfishermen right in Barnstable Harbor. Our lobsters come from Cape Cod Bay when they’re in season here. We buy all the local bay scallops, striped bass, blue fish and halibut we can find. And when we do get fish from farther away, we always opt for fresh over frozen, investing in the careful handling that gets it here in peak condition.

(We do buy some frozen fish, for example, in the case of sushi grade tuna and wild salmon in the winter months—but that’s another story.)

Second, we deal with only the best and most trusted dealers, and even so, we don’t just trust their fish will be good: we inspect every piece of fish we get for color, smell, and texture. Our managers know that’s the only way you can be sure it’s the best.

Pursuing sea-to-table priorities isn’t easy or cheap. But we hope you’ll agree that our focus on offering nothing but the best is worth it. The way we see it, if we wouldn’t buy it for our family, we sure as heck shouldn’t sell it to you!

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