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Clambake Weddings

A Catered Clambake Wedding

You want your wedding to be fun and flavorful. A little bit New England, a little bit rock and roll. A real celebration. And as easy as a day at the beach. A clambake wedding: just say you do. Pick your place. Invite family and friends. We’ll do everything else.

But first, let us pop a question: What’s your clambake style—pit or pot?

Your Clambake Wedding Plan

  • Choose Your Style

    A day at the beach. Or a go-anywhere feast.

    Pit or Pot? »

  • Choose Your Style

    A big day on the beach. Or a go-anywhere feast.

    Pit or Pot? »

  • Add a Raw Bar

    Kick off your party the Cape Cod way.

    Clambake Raw Bars »

  • Need Tents, Tables, and Chairs?

    Be party-ready, rain or shine.

    Party Rentals »

  • Set Up Your Bar

    Full-service bar tending.

    Bar & Bar Staff »

  • Party Venue Ideas

    We can make your bake almost anywhere. Here are a few favorite spots.

    Pick your place »

  • Wedding Venue Ideas

    We’ll cater your clambake wedding almost anywhere. Here are some favorite spots.

    Pick your place »

  • All the Etc.

    Suggestions on entertainment, photography, and everything else great parties are made of.

    Etc. »