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Clambake Parties

Planning a Clambake Party

Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a company party, or starting your own summer tradition, let us make your clambake the best party ever. Great food is the main event. Good times, too. We’ll handle the work. Just pick the place and bring on the guests—we’ll do all the rest. Let’s get started!

What’s your clambake style—pit or pot?

Is it Pot Style?    Or Pit Style?

Your Clambake Party Plan

  • Choose Your Style

    A day at the beach. Or a go-anywhere feast.

    Pit or Pot? »

  • Choose Your Style

    A big day on the beach. Or a go-anywhere feast.

    Pit or Pot? »

  • Add a Raw Bar

    Kick off your party the Cape Cod way.

    Clambake Raw Bars »

  • Need Tents, Tables, and Chairs?

    Be party-ready, rain or shine.

    Party Rentals »

  • Set Up Your Bar

    Full-service bar tending.

    Bar & Bar Staff »

  • Party Venue Ideas

    We can make your bake almost anywhere. Here are a few favorite spots.

    Pick your place »

  • Wedding Venue Ideas

    We’ll cater your clambake wedding almost anywhere. Here are some favorite spots.

    Pick your place »

  • All the Etc.

    Suggestions on entertainment, photography, and everything else great parties are made of.

    Etc. »