A classic New England lobster clambake—no firepit required. Same great menu as our Pit-Style bakes. Plus, we can pull off a pot-style bake anywhere. One scrumptious, happy, portable, affordable, feast.

Pot-Style Pricing

Our go-anywhere, affordable, pot-style clambakes start at $36.00 per person. Serving groups of 20 or more. Under 30 people contact us for pricing.

  • 30-74 people $43.00 per person
  • 75-150 people $39.00 per person
  • 150+ people $36.00 per person

Raw Bars & Extras

Kick it off with a raw bar. Add some great appetizers. Order dogs for the kids. Offer steaks, salmon, or skewers to Aunt Susie, who doesn’t like lobster. Be good to the vegetarians. Pile on strawberry shortcake.

“Quality food, exceptional people and service. I just love you guys!”

Your Clambake Party Plan

  • Choose Your Style

    A day at the beach. Or a go-anywhere feast.

    Pit or Pot? »

  • Choose Your Style

    A big day on the beach. Or a go-anywhere feast.

    Pit or Pot? »

  • Add a Raw Bar

    Kick off your party the Cape Cod way.

    Clambake Raw Bars »

  • Need Tents, Tables, and Chairs?

    Be party-ready, rain or shine.

    Party Rentals »

  • Set Up Your Bar

    Full-service bar tending.

    Bar & Bar Staff »

  • Party Venue Ideas

    We can make your bake almost anywhere. Here are a few favorite spots.

    Pick your place »

  • Wedding Venue Ideas

    We’ll cater your clambake wedding almost anywhere. Here are some favorite spots.

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  • All the Etc.

    Suggestions on entertainment, photography, and everything else great parties are made of.

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Set-up to clean-up—we do it all:

Pot-style clambake parties run about 3 hours. We arrive one hour before serving time, set up our kitchen, serving tables, condiments, and claw crackers––we bring it all. Then we get baking: everything is cooked fresh right there at your party.

If you’re having a raw bar, we kick that off as guests arrive. We serve up the chowder first, then the lobster and sides, followed by fresh watermelon. Leftovers are boxed up––they’re yours to enjoy. We collect the trash and take it with us when we leave.