We ❤ Our Summer Staff


Summer is a magical time on Cape Cod. But as anyone who spends the long winter months here will tell you, the season sure goes by fast.

That’s why as summer visitors arrive slowing down to savor beach days and clambakes, Cape Codders rev up, ready to work overtime. For most of us, summer jobs are the key to survival on this little peninsula.

At this time of year, we are especially grateful for our hard-working staff, both part-timers and full-timers who give up the joys of boogie boards and barbecues to make our clambakes sing and our markets jump. Many of our staff work Monday through Friday at other jobs, then toss on the blue polo and work all weekend baking clams with us.

The thing we appreciate most is this: our employees truly love making our customers happy. Whether it’s at a clambake, in the market, or at Osterville Fish Too, our staff has your experience in mind, and they’re dedicated to making it sure it’s great.

We know our employees aren’t the only ones who put their lives on hold to make summer special for others each season. It’s just that we think they’re truly the best at what they do. We hope you’ll agree. And if you do, maybe flash them a smile of thanks—because that’s just what their summer is all about.

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