More than Baking Clams

It’s obvious we do clambakes. Pretty-darn good ones too, if you ask us and our customers, too.

But what about everything else we do. After all, we are Clambakes, Etc. So, what is up with that Etc?

Well, it obviously starts with our appetizers. Seafood or non-seafood, we’ve got before dinner taken care of. From our awesome raw bars to tuna tartare, to chicken skewers or watermelon, mint and feta. We use nothing but the freshest ingredients and are always trying new things to keep our customers and brides smiling!

Need a bar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We aren’t licensed to bring the booze, but if you get it there, our TIPS certified bartenders will serve you! We can do everything from just beer and wine to a full bar with whatever mixed drinks and cocktails you’d like.

We’ll handle everything for you, too. From tents, to tables and chairs. We even know some great florists! After 20 years of catering, we’ve made some friends and always think they are worth checking out!

But, it’s not just about clambakes for us. We do chicken BBQs, company functions and even cocktail parties for your holiday events! We’ll smoke you ribs or grill you up sausage peppers and onions if that’s your desire.

So remember, it’s not just about baking clams for Clambakes, Etc.

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