Crazy, Delicious Wedding Food

When it comes to wedding food, rarely is there an idea that is too far-fetched.

We love thinking outside the box, and this winter we made some arrangements to help us go even further outside the box. We added ingredients and tools to our repertoire! We now own portable fryolators which will allow us to do fun apps like mini crab cakes.

We hired a consultant to help us rack our brains and mix some fun ingredients together. With his help we added a plethora of new adventures to our menus! From flatbreads to s’more stations we’ve got everything you need to have the best wedding any of your guests have been too.

And the best part is, we’ll work with you to make it exactly what you want. We’ve been doing this wedding and clambake thing for some time now, but the great part about weddings is they are always changing. There will always be something to add to our bag of tricks.

And that’s where you come in! Like we said, there is rarely an idea too far-fetched for your wedding reception.

So bounce some ideas off us. We’ll work with it the best we can.

Earlier this winter a bride asked for bacon wrapped swordfish. We thought she wanted scallops, but no, she was after sword! We thought it was kind of a crazy idea, but we tried it. And you know what? It was delicious. Because, duh anything wrapped in bacon is delicious.

We play with food for a living, and we want to keep it that way, so keep your eyes out for some wacky appetizer ideas heading to your wedding soon!

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