Eat more Fish


If a healthier lifestyle is on the top of your list for 2016, you need to eat more fish! We’re not kidding. Besides being delicious, fish comes with a big side of health benefits.

Here are the top five ways eating seafood supports good health—and happiness:

  • Sleep: Do you struggle to get to sleep? Fish can help with that. It’s packed with Omega-3s and vitamin D, both reasons researchers at the National Institutes of Health are reporting people who eat fish get to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.
  • Immunity: Almost half of the American population is deficient in vitamin D, which is so important to the immune system (and really, for bones, organs, and overall health, too). Fish is the only dietary source of vitamin D found on the planet, and fatty fish like salmon are particularly high in it—a single serving of salmon (six ounces) contains 100 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D. Even cod and other white fish have enough vitamin D to make up for all that time you spend in the office instead of in the sun.
  • Heart Health: Those same Omega-3 fatty acids that help with sleep are also linked to preventing heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends eating two servings of fish per week. Researchers there say that although eating flaxseed, walnuts, and other Omega-3-rich foods is a good thing, you can’t beat the benefits of eating fish regularly.
  • Memory: Researchers have found that eating fish can prevent the onset of cognitive problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, eating a delicious creature from the sea just once a week amps up your gray matter better than taking fish oil in pill form.
  • Happiness. Seriously. Many studies have shown that people who eat fish have a more positive outlook on life. A seafood-rich diet has long been shown to ward off depression. Now researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have discovered something we already knew: people who dine on fish are not only happier, but they tend to have more pleasant personalities than people who don’t eat seafood.

Come see us in Osterville this winter. We’re here with just what you need to gain health and happiness—and maybe even popularity—in this New Year.

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Happy, Healthy Holiday Parties


Most holiday menus are all about tradition. And you know we can bring on the best of the classics—from oysters Rockefeller to scallops wrapped in bacon.

But we’ve got a great idea for those of you looking for something healthy to add to the table at your next holiday party: a sushi bar.

The fish, of course, is delicious and healthy. And oh, what a thoughtful host you are, because it turns out that when you offer sushi, you’re offering all kinds of goodness. For instance:

  • There is no gluten in sushi, so it gives you a way to feed the gluten-free crowd. Just be sure to get tamari or another soy sauce labeled wheat-free.

  • Ginger, which is served along with our sushi selections, is actually good for your immune system. Just in time for flu season.

  • Rice vinegar lowers your blood pressure and helps your digestive system.

  • And don’t forget the seaweed salad! It’s packed with a million vitamins.

The botton line is this: whether you’re hosting guests who want to eat healthy or catering to a non-sushi crowd, you can count on us to help you put on a great—and memorably delicious—holiday party.

Give us a call and we’ll help design your cocktail party menu to make it perfect for you and your guests.

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Why Fall Bakes are Best


A Cape Cod secret we just can’t keep: fall clambakes are some of the very best.
Here’s the thing: we have the hustle and bustle of summer and the rush of September weddings behind us, yet the weather is still good—but crisp: it’s time to think about tossing on an extra layer and digging into a perfect bowl of clam chowder.

Which reminds us, there are a few other things that make this time of year true clambake season. Lobsters are at their meatiest right now because cooler water temperatures mean they fill out their shells as they finish growing for the season. Oysters are at their prime, too, since the cooler water helps them get meatier and sweeter.

Maybe the most important reason to throw a clambake right now is not about the meaty lobsters or the plump clams and perfect oysters. It’s about grabbing onto the biggest thrill of summer one more time, the chance to be with friends and family at the most easy-going kind of party ever.

That’s really why after a busy summer we still want to bake clams, boil lobsters, and shuck oysters for you. There’s nothing like the joy a fall clambake, when everyone gathers together to fill these beautiful days and evenings with great memories.

So come on, plan a clambake now—we guarantee you’ll be glad to have something so delicious to reflect back on this winter. Especially if it’s anything like the last one when even those of us on Cape Cod were buried under eight feet of snow.

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The Oysterville Slider


We’re always trying to think of ways to make sure you’ll come back for more at Osterville Fish and Osterville Fish Too. That’s why we like to make a few extra special additions to our menu each season.

Heading toward prime oyster season we wanted to make sure we did something tasty with the beautiful, plump oysters coming our way from Barnstable Harbor.

Sure, we recommend slurping them down raw. And yes, we think setting them on the grill—especially with a little butter and herb topping—is a great idea. But we’ve come up with another spin we think you won’t be able to resist.

The key is a tasty sauce. And of course it had to be homemade. So after a little research and suggestions from diners, we settled on the perfect combo of hot and sweet: a lime-chili aioli.

With that sauce at the ready, we put together the best oyster roll ever—the Oysterville Slider.

First, our delectable Barnstable Harbor oysters get freshly shucked to order and coated in a light batter and fried until they’re just golden. Next, we toast up three brioche slider rolls, lay on some fresh arugula, then pile them high with tender-crisp oysters, and top them with our lime-chili aioli.

We’re pretty sure you’ll agree the Oysterville Slider is oyster perfection.
But come try it soon: it’s a seasonal special, and that means it will be available at both of our locations, but only for a limited time!

Don’t miss a reason to come back for more. Hear about all our specials on Facebook.

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On the Shores of Massachusetts


We’re famous for our Cape Cod Clambakes. But did you know we take them on the road all summer long? Yes, we bring our clambakes to the South Shore and the North Shore, too!

Our clambakes team loves bringing a little Cape Cod tradition to South Shore summer parties. We’ve got lots of friends there—great people who can help make your South Shore summer party really special.

When it comes to planning a clambake, you’ll want to start with choosing just the right place. We can work pretty much anywhere, from your backyard to your favorite beach, and check out our favorite South Shore party venues here.

Many of our friends from the Cape are happy help with South Shore parties, too. Here are a few you might want to know about as you make plans for your clambake. Especially if you’re celebrating a wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion that calls for photos and flowers.

We think Amanda at Shore Shotz is one of the very best around. And we’re not the only ones: she has joined us on the lists for “Best Weddings” and “Couple’s Choice Winners” at The Knot and Wedding Wire. She knows how to catch a couple’s special moments. We’ve worked with her dozens of times and are always impressed with her professionalism. Her photos are pretty awesome, too.

If you want flowers for your South Shore special day, check out Beach Plum Flowers. Also winners on both The Knot and Wedding Wire, owners Jillian and Shawna will work with you to create a design that really stands out. They have a way with choosing the perfect colors for any setting and making them pop in a way that’s beautiful and natural.

We bake on the North Shore, too!

Now, the Northern Shore of Massachusetts is home to some of the best fishing in New England. Which makes it the perfect spot for one of the best meals in New England: one of our traditional pit-style or pot-style clambakes.

If you’re busy planning a big event up there, not to worry: we have friends on the North Shore who are happy to help.

For you non-traditional folks, you’ll love working with Lola Grace Events. They focus on your personality and bring it into your party. Working with brides or “anti-brides” as they say, is their specialty. And yes, if you’re not getting married they help with all kinds of events and parties.

If you’re planning a more traditional event, try Marrero Events. They offer all sorts of different packages, from planning your entire event top to bottom, to just assisting you on the day of your party.

As for planning the clambake itself, well, that’s the really easy part. Just tell us where you want us to set up, when you want to eat, and we’ll bake up the perfect clambake for you—North Shore or South.

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Clambakes for Dad and Country

American flag Beach

Looking for a great way to celebrate Dad? Take him to a clambake!

We are proud to announce that this year we have taken over the American Legion Post 188 clambakes! The Post, located in Sandwich, will host five clambakes this season, the first of which will be held on Sunday, June 21—Father’s day.

Every Cape Cod Dad loves a good lobster served up with a heaping pile of steamers, mussels, potatoes, corn on the cob and clam chowder, too. Plus, digging in with us at Post 188 means you’ll get a great meal and help support the Legion.

If your Dad simply has to be at the grill on his day, we understand. Stop by our Osterville store and pick up fresh fish and everything else you need for a great celebration at home. And mark your calendar for other chances to come bake with us: we’ll be doing four more Cape Cod clambakes at Post 188 in Sandwich this summer.

After our Father’s Day clambake, next up is July 19, followed up by August 16. Then in September we’ll do two more Legion clambake dinners, one on the 13th, and the last on September 20.

These informal gatherings are the perfect way to spend a summer Sunday feasting on Cape Cod’s bounty without having to cook or even plan a thing. Just drop in with your family and join the party.

There is one other way to think about these Legion clambakes: it’s a way to sample what we do. A lot of people ask us if they can come to one of our clambakes before they book a wedding or other event. Well, it’s hard for us to invite you to crash someone else’s party to find out how we work.

Finally, here’s a clambake party that offers a hearty welcome to all. Come to one of our American Legion clambakes and get a taste of the way we bake.

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A New Season


What a winter. But finally it’s time to look forward to the season. Fish and chips on our patio overlooking Barnstable Harbor. Fresh fish from our market, cooked at home over a hot grill. And the joy of clambakes we’ll take all over New England.

A few months ago, we told you about our efforts to grow our own steamers, with the help of our friend Wayne Hayes. Well, this rough winter brought constant ice flow and icebergs moving in and out of the marsh—impossibly harsh conditions for our growing steamers. Only three of the five nets full of steamer seed we planted two years ago survived the winter.

We’re looking ahead now though: we’ve got work to do and clams to bake! We are hopeful about our littleneck clams. They should be ready for harvest come June and we’re looking forward to bringing their home grown flavor to our stores and clambakes.

In Sandwich, we are ready to get going for clambake season. We’re especially excited about our new smoker. We’ll be turning out succulent smoky chicken for our clambakes this year.

On Barnstable Harbor, we’ve kept with our spring tradition of being open May first. We’re open Friday, Saturdays and Sundays until Memorial Day Weekend when we kick off our full summer schedule and open seven days a week. Come check out a few new items on our menu there.

Back in Osterville, we’ve made a few updates, too. Hopefully you notice our beautiful new sign hanging off the front of our building. We’ve updated our cash registers, too, with a whole new system designed to make your shopping here as easy as could be.

Above all, as the season approaches, we want you to know that what we look forward to most is the chance to see you again and serve you. Come welcome summer with us!

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Little Rhody Loves a Clambake


Yes, we are a born-and-bred-on-Cape Cod kind of company. But that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of venturing over the bridges.

We’ll even cross state lines for a good clambake.

Rhode Island, that quaintest and quietest little New England state always seems to give us a warm welcome. Rhode Islanders know how to eat well, for one thing. They love it when we show up with chowder, lobsters, clams and all the makings of a good old-fashioned clambake.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or another summer party, we just want to say: don’t forget about Little Rhody.

We can attest that some of the world’s best places hosting a clambake are to be found in Rhode Island. And we can connect you with lots of good party planning resources—trusted vendors we’ve met while working in the smallest state.

From the International Tennis Hall of Fame to the Old Lighthouse Museum, there are a surprising number of different great settings for clambake parties in Rhode Island. We’ve baked clams at many of them, and one of our favorites is The Towers.

This beautiful and historic building has a Great Hall that offers breathtaking views of the ocean. What a perfect backdrop for dining on a classic New England dinner. And it’s big enough to seat up to 180 guests.

If you’re thinking about a smaller party, that’s fine to. Did you know we got our start doing clambakes in our friends’ back yards? Rhode Islanders: if you’ve got a back yard, let’s put on a clambake.

Those of you who are now imagining a Rhode Island shindig of one kind or another, but think you may need some party planning experts to lean on, you might want to try Planned to Perfection. They can help you with every celebration from the “yes” to the “I do” to your golden anniversary party. They are Couple’s Choice Award winners on the Wedding Wire—hey, we were too! So you know they’re good at what they do.

Finally, maybe you’re in the market for party rentals. Don’t miss our full list of vendors here. For tents and more, you can count on us, Rhode Island. We’ve you covered.

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Where to Bake: Cape Cod


We take our clambakes all over New England. But we always love coming home to Cape Cod.

Here’s where we were born and bred to do clambakes the traditional way. And it was here we first experienced the joys of celebrating the short summer season with an annual clambake party. We learned the ins and outs of building beach fires, boiling lobsters, and shucking oysters. And we had fun finding the best clambake spots, too.

Over the years, we’ve sent crews to cook clams from Sagamore all the way to Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown—the outermost beach on Cape Cod. And we are not exaggerating when we say there are hundreds of places that are pretty much perfect for a good old-fashioned clambake.

It’s hard to pick favorites. But with the season ahead of us, we thought we’d share a few.

One place we like a lot on the Upper Cape is the Beach Breeze Inn. It’s located right on the water, so it provides a picture-perfect backdrop for a Cape Cod wedding. And since it is an inn, you can have your guests stay right there. The Beach Breeze can accommodate from 50 to 150 people. Keep in mind they host weddings only before and after the high summer season.

On the Mid-Cape, the Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club is another spot we really like for an off-season wedding. They host events from after Labor Day until mid-June.

The Lower Cape offers lots of good places for parties, too. The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn in West Harwich was recently sold to new owners, so they’ll be starting fresh this year.

Meanwhile, the Holden Inn in Wellfleet has a long history as a place for special events. Owners Patricia and Fred Young go way back as party hosts—they’ve been at it for 45 years. We’ve worked with them for more than 10 years. They have plenty of room for both a reception and an on-site wedding, and lodging for your guests.

The Crosby Mansion in Brewster is another excellent location for a clambake. It’s a historic inn with sweeping views of Cape Cod Bay. When we do clambakes there we notice guests are mesmerized by the setting. It’s a magical place for a Cape Cod wedding.

We’ve got a lots more favorites to tell you about—don’t miss our full list of venues.

Maybe you’ve got the perfect location already. To be honest, great clambakes can happen in surprisingly simple settings, including backyards.

Wherever you decide to have your party, a tent is a good idea. If you need one, we’ve got you covered. We handle chairs, tables, and dance floors, too.

What about all the other things that will make your party special? We’ve got plenty of friends—bakers, photographers, DJs, and more—who can help. Be sure to check our list of the local businesses we count on to help make our clambake weddings and other parties great.

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We Do Clambakes, Vows Optional


Sure, a wedding is one great reason to host a catered clambake. But really, why should an exchange of vows be a prerequisite for a great summer party?

We believe in clambakes anytime and for everyone—including people who aren’t ready to tie the knot and those who tied it long ago.

One thing, however: although we do believe people ought to throw clambakes at the drop of a hat, it can actually be dicey trying to get us to come bake one that way. Because by the time the snow melts, we start getting busy.

So, even if you’re not the kind to commit, we have some advice for you: now’s the time to get out your calendar and think about the future. We’re not saying you have to promise to have and to hold for a lifetime. All you have to do is pledge to have a party.

Think about all the things you have to celebrate. Wouldn’t it be great to have a clambake for the occasion? Maybe you’ve got a graduation coming up this spring. A birthday party, a first communion, a family reunion, a company party: there are all kinds of reasons that come to mind. But here’s the one we like best: you could have a clambake just to have a clambake.

You know what’s really fun? Talking with customers about how to put together a great summer party while looking out our window at a five-foot snow drift. Call us and we’ll talk lobsters, steamers, mussels, corn, potatoes, and linguiça. Oh, and our delicious New England Clam Chowder.

We’ve got lots of ideas about how to make your clambake a full-fledged summer-on-the-Cape extravaganza.

Have you tried Cape Cod Beer? It’s terrific and brewed in Hyannis. We can point you to some great bands and DJs here too. And you know about cornhole, don’t you? It’s the classic way to work up an appetite for a clambake. Cape Cod Cornhole crafts them by hand in Mashpee. They can make you a custom set in just about any design you can think of. We just had one made—it sports a portrait of our clam guy, of course. They do great work.

Now is the time, friends, no matter what your long-term intentions, to plan to “Get Baked with Us!” Give us a call.

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