A clambake wedding is a real
New England tradition.

Clambake Weddings

What's your clambake style

Pit or Pot?

Pit Style

A traditional clambake-New England’s real, old-time, clambake on the beach (or wherever we can make a pit and fire). Same great menu as our Pot-Style bakes. Plus, we do all the digging. One delicious, delightful, authentic feast.

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Pot Style

A classic New England lobster clambake-no firepit required. Same great menu as our Pit-Style bakes. Plus, we can pull off a pot-style bake anywhere. One scrumptious, happy, portable, affordable, feast.

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Your Clambake
Wedding Plan

Add a Raw Bar

Kick off your party the Cape Cod way.

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Need Tents, Tables, and Chairs?

Be party-ready, rain or shine.

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Set Up Your Bar

Full-service bar tending.

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Preferred Vendors

Suggestions on entertainment, photography, and everything else great parties are made of.

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