Clambake Parties

“The food was fantastic and the catering staff just amazing. We were delighted with the whole experience. Thank you for making my husband’s surprise party such a great success!”


A great catered clambake
is both a delicious feast and
a real celebration.

We offer two styles of clambakes. Both star New England lobsters, clams and mussels, our famous chowder, and lots more. Both are a big-time fun. We can put on a pot-style clambake anywhere. For a pit-style bake, we build a firepit—rocks, seaweed, and all. You could call it a beach clambake, though no beach is required. Either way, we handle everything from bar services and waitstaff to tent rentals and tables. So you know that start to finish, your clambake is going to be a great one.

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