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Party Rentals Checklist

Sparking lights to stylish tabletops, here’s a checklist of party rentals you’ll want to consider to complete your preparations. Not sure what’s essential for your next event? Tell us about your plans and we’ll help you choose what’s right for your setting and style.


Farm Tables

Rustic yet refined, farm tables are a wonderful way to offer family-style seating at your celebration and help larger events feel more intimate.

Traditional Tables

A range of tables from 60″ rounds to banquets accommodate all your event needs. Cocktail tables create convenient places for guests to congregate during a cocktail hour. Our team can guide you on the which tables would be best for the style of event you are hosting.



Keep your party aglow.
Placed around the perimeter
of the tent or elegantly draped inside, streamer lighting is inviting- and important –
for any celebration to go beyond sunset.

Dance Floors

Inspire a waltz or two. We’ve got the kind of real wood flooring that feels great underfoot to anyone who likes to dance. Of course a level wood floor can work well if you’re welcoming
a speaker, handing out awards, or hosting a meeting, too.


Our cross back chairs are a wonderful addition to your wedding ambience and are comfortable for your guests. They enhance the look of your ceremony and event decor and make an impressive statement.


An essential requirement to to your big day, our table linens help to elevate the look of your wedding and reflect your unique style as a couple.

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