We can—and have—catered clambakes everywhere from ballrooms to beaches. It’s good to keep in mind that clambakes are casual parties. And we do need access to the outdoors: that’s where we set up our trailer and kitchen (yes, we bring our own).

Most important, ask what your venue will allow. That will help determine whether you should choose a pot-style or a pit-style clambake.

 A traditional pit-style clambake doesn’t necessarily have to be on a beach, but we do need to dig a pit and have enough space for a large fire (with no over-hanging branches); we also need access to running water.

A pot-style clambake is more go-anywhere: we bring our own kitchen and water supply. It is best if we can set up our truck, trailer, and cook station with reasonable access to the buffet area. And outdoor lighting, or electricity for our own lights is important for evening parties.